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This page is under development responding to a request to support A Level Computer Science Students with remote learning.

If you're looking for Python remote learning resources you can find them here instead

  • Programming mini project ideas
  • C# live coding video guides
  • Example solutions
The idea is to choose a random code challenge each week that is suitable for A Level Computer Science and to run a live coding remote learning C# lesson then run a competition so that students can submit their own solutions as we build up a repository of code examples together.

Random Challenge

Source: OCR

These challenges are taken from the OCR Coding Challenges Booklet Click to choose one at random and get coding!

I plan to choose one each week and post a live coding video to help students build up confidence with C# Object Oriented Programming (OOP) but you can complete these challenges in any language

Once you've completed a challenge, you can upload your code to GitHub and share a link here to win prizes


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NumberNameDetailsSubmissions (public / pending)
61Your name is... 0 / 0
62R@nd0m P@ssw0rd generator 1 / 0
63I like Pi 0 / 0
64Galaxy song 0 / 0
65Spam filter 0 / 0
66Silly walks 0 / 0
67What have the Romans ever done for us? 0 / 0
68Semaphore 0 / 0
69Beautiful soup 0 / 0
70Of mice and men 0 / 0

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