This week people voted for game design which is a little more complex than we'd normally cover.


Thank you so much for taking part in the weekly python remote learning activities. I'm full of admiration for students like you who are making the most of lockdown to learn new skills. I know life isn't easy at the moment so thanks for all your hard work.

Each week a student wins a prize for getting the most points in the challenges. The money for the prizes has come from an award from Nesta, who would really like some feedback on the KPRIDE activities. If you're able to complete this survey it'll help me keep providing weekly prizes to students like you.

The responses you give are anonymous so I won't store any personal data about you but I will share a summary of the responses online.

Thanks very much!

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Download the code

If you want to extend the code in IDLE, Thonny or Mu (or whatever IDE you use) you can download the code for today's game here: Source code for virus game

If you are using Mu, remember to set the Mode to PyGameZero and comment out these lines:

          # import pgzero

More information

If you want to find out more, I'd recommend this website for documentation for PyGameZero: and you can find some really fun examples here: PyGameZero examples
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